RRD X-Fire 122 V5 - Windsurf Slalom Testcenter Circolo Surf - Torbole Gardasee 2013

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Mai 2013, Lake Garda: Testing the RRD X-Fire 122 V5 slalom board at Circolo Surf. Once on plane its getting faster and faster and during sliding it sounds like an 8 cylinder with a cool carbon sound (frtttfrtttfrtttfrttt. ...);-) - so great and it looks also phenomenal. I wanted to test it with my own used freeride rigg, Gaastra Matrix 8 m2. Although the wind blows only max 3.75 Bft it was possible to get on plane and I could notice this impressively speed it gets. It was my first ride on a pure slalom board, i'm used windsurfing with RRD boards Firestorm 120 and Fireride 145. And really: the handling with this boards is not so far away to the X-Fire 122. But: the X-Fire feels more free and you can feel it under your feet, why the X-Fire is getting so fast. Thanks to SURFPLANET and Circolo Surf in Torbole. RRD X-Fire Test V5 - Windsurf Testcenter Circolo Surf - Torbole Gardasee

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