RRD Firestorm 120 LTD - Windsurfing towards the sun

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On Video by GoPro Hero3 white: Ride with my new RRD Firestorm 120 LTD, First impression is: to get planing is no problem, you only have to go go back into the footstraps quickly in the moment it lifts up, and the board is so fast and is planing quiet over the chop. There is no problem with searching the right mastfoot position - you can read a lot of about that - but i did it the same way like with my RRD Firemove 100 Lt, and it works just very well (Set Position a litle bit in front of the Point 135). It is not so a carving machine like the Firemove,but it reach and keeps the speed very impressible and it feels so light under the feets, So I love this board since my first ride with it. The Matrix 6.0 m2 works excellent with Mat Gaastra 4.3m RDM100. Look at the beautifuel country we have in Switzerland - the Lake Aegerisee ist so a lovely and famous place in Switzerland, just around a corner from where I'm living ! 7. März 2013, Daniel Hänny

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