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My experience with the RRD 145 Fireride W-tech: I love this board. I bought it 2010 as my very first board - after I started windsurfing in 2009 - and with this board I learned planning, using Footstraps und harness and recently my first Carve Gybe in this summer 2012. I think, the board glides on easy, then it glides quietly over the chop and it keeps the nose always flat, especially when the mast foot positioned slightly further forward in the mast track. Sometimes Downwind, it can reach almost the speed of a slalom board ! So I love this Board really. The nose of my board had to be repaired after a crash, but it still runs perfectly. For experts: This is while the nose is white instead of original red. P.S: I recently bought additional a new RRD Firemove 100 liters Board (light Version). This is also a very great board. The switch from the Fireride 145 Lt to the smaller board Firmemove 100 Lt was not as hard as I feared - despite my weight of 80kg at 1.79 m size - just typical RRD. The Firemove also get planning quickly and in rough water it is absolut quiet and stable, also it keeps the nose flat, what i love, but even in low-pressure edge, it carves, maybe comparable to a carving-ski in alpin skiing. Pure Freeride Windsufing - Carve Gybe - Planning at 3-4 Beaufort, thermal wind, Urnersee Schweiz, RRD Fireride 145, Gaastra Matrix 8.0 m2 Daniel Hänny on July 2012

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