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Surf trip von: Hawaiigirl
Surf spots: Hvide Sande Mole Klitmoller 
Datum: 20.07.2007 bis 05.08.2007

5 good reasons for choosing Denmark as destination:

1. Surf of all kinds
Denmark’s coastline is so varied that all windsurfers can find somewhere to suit their skills and moods. Whether you’re a surf freak, or just looking for a playground where you can hang out with other surfers, or looking for a calm bay without too many spectators.

2. Lots of room
There’s plenty of space and great places where you won’t get too close to swimmers or flocks of other windsurfers. There is also normally room on the beach for your equipment and you won’t need to lock your board up when you go to lunch.

3. Lots of scope in the same area
People travelling in a group often want different things from a windsurfing holiday. In Denmark, distance is not a problem and you can often find places with towering waves and shallow fjords or lakes in the same area. For example, at Klitmøller, wave fanatics surf along the coast of Klitmøller or Hamburg Bay and less experienced surfers have fun at Vandet Sø.
At Hvide Sande and all the way along Holmsland Klit, experienced surfers can surf from the coast in the North Sea, and speed surfers or less experienced surfers can enjoy themselves in the shallows of Ringkøbing Fjord.

4. More time on the water and less in the car
In Denmark, you can always find a stretch of coast with optimal wind conditions and can switch from one coast to another without spending hours in a car. Nowhere in Denmark is more than 45 minutes from the water.

5. You need wind…
The westerlies are what really count when calculating wind statistics – especially in the spring and summer, when the wind from the west creates really challenging, demanding conditions.

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