Tobago--El Yaque 07

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Bezeichnung: Tobago--El Yaque 07
Surf trip von: iMarcBonsayTim
Surf spots: Pigeon Point El Yaque Isla Coche 
Datum: 22.04.2007 bis 21.05.2007

Time to wake up from our \"wintersleep\".
In the very near furure we`ll be going on our way again to the
Caribic. This time we`ll add a new Island to our trip, which is
Tobago this time.
I`m so excited. About 10 days Tobago and almost 3 weeks El
Yaque :-)

I`ll be writing from the spots again.


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06.06.2007Tobago from 23-04-07 til 06-05-07
Note: This trip here has 2 Pages! Diary is In reversed order!

More photos on our vacation website:

Check it out.

07.05.2007El Yaque
Tobago was perfect for for an easy start into the surf season. Now
we were ready for the real action.

This year has just been amazing, wind everyday from early morning
til sunset. Between 20 and 40+ knots!!! Wow, i was sailing a 78L JP
and mostly a sail between 4.0 or 4.7

06.05.2007From Tobago to El Yaque
Here we experienced a little nightmare and how bureaucratic the
island people can be.

Our flight from Tobago direct to Porlamar with Condor was
overbooked. While the guy at the Airport kept insisting that we
were late, Condor wasn`t at first willing to reimburse everything,
they finally did after we came up with all kinds of witnesses.

We lost allmost three days spending on telephones in taxis and
going back and forth, just organizing and getting out of Tobago.
We managed to get a plane to Trinidad and from here we went
to Porlamar in a small plane.

We did get to see some of Trinidad though, a whole day, which
was pretty cool too.

Next update. EL Yaque a.k.a. El Hacke

Places we conquered
From Trinidad to Porlamar
Natascha loosing it
El Yaque, we`re coming :-)

05.05.2007Tobago from 23-04-07 til 06-05-07
Here some photos:

also here:

Tobago "Ya Man"
Surfstation at Pigeon Point
The Bay
On the way to the Surf Station
Da Beach
Iguana Cafe on of the many good restaurants
Sunset Tobago

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