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Bezeichnung: Atlantik-Trip
Surf trip von: Hawaiigirl
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Datum: 16.07.2006 bis 13.08.2006

...istigä und losdüsä! France, Spain and Portugal, immer dä Nase (respektive äm Wind und de Wellä) na...:-)

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Tagebuch der Reise

13.08.2006...back at home...
Just a little impression about my summervacation...

About one month ago I started my Atlantic-Trip with my Van... willing to visit the destinations; Portugal, Spain and France in hope to find some wind and waves (even in this time of the year). ...and of course to get some impressions about the cultures.

First of all I drove non stop to the atlanticside, Hourtin (Bordeaux-area; France) where I visited friends and already got to windsurf on the first day of my Trip. There is a nice lake with a thermical wind. Next day I had a fun surfsession in Seignosse, lot's of tourists at the beach though. Therefore I went straight all the way down to Lissabon/Guincho in Portugal.

It seems like doesn't matter how far you go, there is always someone you know... just arrived in Guincho I met two guys I knew already from Grindelwald. Like expected, I had some days of good windsurfing and one of hardcore windsurfing. This spot is probably the one with the most broken masts :-/ After a couple days of windsurfing I felt like to continue my route northwards.

Around Ericeira and especially in Ribeira D'ilhas I really liked the scenery and could enjoy the last waves of a nice swell. Peniche I didn't like at all, not cause there was no swell at the time I've been there, it's just too touristy for my taste. However I made a short refresh-stop to surf a bit at Baleal.

In Praia da Foz do Arelho, they had a great idea: In the middle of the beach there is a place called "Foz Spa", they offer Wellness at the beach...Yoga, massages,'s that;-)? Good idea, isn't it?

Time for an other windsurfsession which I got in Figueira da Foz. Actually the Nortada was blowing all the time along the coasts but just not strong enough for windsurfing, but for kitesurfers it's paradise though! Nortada means a high of the Azores and a low of the iberian peninsulas. On some places the Nortada gets stronger cause of a local thermical wind. Like it happens in Figueira da Foz.

Further North, the Porto area is full of industry- matter of taste but to me, horrible! However there was a swell coming. Now I now definitive; I don't like beachbreaks :-/

In Viana do Castelo, in summer mainly a kite-and windsurfspot, I expected to windsurf. Like many other people I was waiting for the wind during nice waves were bumping - and no surfers out... no idea why, guess this guys don't surf. Therefore I asked a lifeguard about surfing there and lucky me; I ended up having an awesome surfsession all by myself with the lifeguard on the jetski on my side...

The last spots in Portugal I visited looked nice but Beachbreaks so big, no thank you. Therefore I moved on and passed the border to Spain.

First stop in Spain - Asturias. That was the area I liked the most on my Trip. A coastline of approximately 500km with many good waves. It's a region full of contrasts with ocean, forests, mountains, flora and fauna. ... and warmer water than Portugal! Penarronda, Tapia, Cueva, Salinas, Rodiles and Ribadesella, all spots I really liked. Tapia, longboarders heaven and really nice camping. In Rodiles, there's a wave at the rivermouth and lucky me, working when I was there. My longest ride ever :-), unbelievible!!!

Like Asturias, so Cantabria. Especially the area between San Vincente and Santander, just awesome. Beachs so long as far as you can see and perfect for camping. Just too bad there was no swell at that time. So I have a reason to go back there :-)!

Big mistake I also went to the area of San Sebastian, like Zarautz... I'm sure they get some good waves and it might be great out of the summerseason but oh my; you should have seen that. So crowded and everybody with surfboards (even if it's flat like a lake) and one surfshop after the other. That's why I left Spain and went back to France, my last destination.

France...hmm I think I have a special relation to this part. I knew it's not the best time to go there but still... too crowded, unfriendly people, hard car-parking, "too cool" surf-scene, expensive,...but I kinda had a good time there!
In France, I started with Biarritz. Such a hustle to find a car-park but I got one direct at grande-plage and had a nice early-morning Longboardsession. In Hossegor, no waves but believe it or not, I windsurfed. In Seignosse, my final-spot, I had early-morning surfs and a great windsurfsession. Therefore to be honest it wasn't that bad;-)! And cause it's so close to Switzerland I'm sure I'll be back there one day, just not in the highseason anymore...

Well, now I'm back at home with many impressions and about 5000km more. Now I look foreward to go back to school , yeah honestly! And I guess I have to go back to work as well :-/

mahalo Bea

windsurfing in Seignosse
Biarritz Grande-Plage
Village north of Spain
Porto area
my home on the Trip
Coastline of Portugal

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