Bonaire 2008

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Bezeichnung: Bonaire 2008
Surf trip von: iMarc
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Datum: 02.05.2008 bis 23.05.2008

Trying a new Island in the Caribbean.

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05.05.2008Day 5
Had a tough time sailing this morning (light wind and gusty), the
afternoon turned out great and the whole day was good again.

Had lunch at Jibe City. For dinner we went to the city, Kralendijk
and had some really good Mexican food.

And now before i go to sleep i am enjoying our beautifull
appartement on the balcony in shorts at 23:30 Hrs and updating
soulrider on my MacBook Pro, listening iTunes, Bob Marley ;-)
Flag of Bonaire

04.05.2008Day 4
And the third day there was Wind :-)

It is getting better all the time here, really start to like it here.
Wind is picking up and people and food are really good here.

The Beach has two Surf Centers, with there own bar and
restaurant, both are friendly and good.

At the hotel we have a very good restaurant with great service,
we also tried eating in town, also great. Jetleg is about gone too

So today we really got into some surfing, still light wind though,
but i was planing most of the time. Started trying some tricks
and had a good time..

Lots of young guns here, who are amizingly good at windsrfing.
Iguana Mama
The Place center
Jbe City
Young gun 1
Young gun 2
Young gun 3

03.05.2008Day 3
Another day with maybe 2 Bft.

So practically no wind but cool enough to get familiar with the
Kralendijk city
Kralendijk city
View from our Hotel Balcony
View from our Hotel Balcony

02.05.2008Day 2
First day in Bonaire, really nice and warm welcome by Martin,
Petra and staff at the Kon Tiki Hotel, Sorobon Bonaire.

Starting to like it all ready :-)

Waited for our rental car and took a little drive over the island,
up til Kralendijk, main town here. Also had a peak at the Surf
Beach, but not much of wind.
Beuatifull Beach though, tourquise blue and shalow water.

Also went for a little scroll on the water, just to explore the area
a little with maybe 9 knots.
Natascha at Kralendijk sunset
Kralendijk sunset
Kralendijk sunset
Kralendijk sunset
Little dance for the wind gods
Kralendijk sunset

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Amsterdam at its best, my real good friend Nick took care us after we arrived at 5:00am in Amsterdam. Organized a Taxi for us and went to his place to take a nap untill maybe 1:00pm. After we took a stroll through the city, had...)

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Mit 7.3 konnte ich noch grade meine letzte Stunde auf Lac Bay geniessen. Von 10:30 bis 11:30 war ich schön am gleiten. bis wir dann am 12:30 zum Flamingo Airport gehen mussten. Bis zum nächsten Jahr, wir kommen wieder. Greati...)

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Wieder ein schöne morgen und Abend Session.: Letzter Tag :-( Nicht schön dran zu denken das die Ferien jetzt vorbei sind.

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Sorry no pics today, habe mich jetzt richtig eingesurft und war den ganzen Tag (4 Std aufs Wasser) am Morgen 1 Std und am Abend 3 Std mit nur ein 5 min Pause. So geil hier. Fast vergessen, habe fast noch eine looping abgezogen...)

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