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Beschreibung: 1498 - El Yaque News Online Magazine With the 1498 El Yaque News, www.elyaquenews.com the first El Yaque Online Newspaper is now online Besides daily News of the Windsport Village in the south of the Caribbean Island of Margarita, Island News and News of the international Windsport world will be provided Additional 1498 El Yaque News contains • Island Infos • Actual weather data and statistics • Webcam • Actual Swell reports and statistics • El Yaque / Island of Margarita Map • Accomodation in El Yaque • Windsurf and Kitesurf Rental and School in El Yaque • El Yaque People • Lifestyle • Foto Galeries • Images of the week • El Yaque Stars (Portraits and Interviews) • Events in El Yaque and on the Island • Monthly El Yaque Reports including Images • And much more….. www.elyaquenews.com
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